On June 20, 2013 shivering dark flood waters cracked over the banks of the Highwood River ravaging the community and the surrounding rural homes and farms. The damage was devastating and memories of the spring of 2013 will live on in infamy.


We have been collecting signatures in a number of books that will be used as fund-raisers for local not-for-profit groups. We want to collect as many signatures in these books as we can! Please help us…

If you have a story or photo in Stories of the High River Flood, please come to sign our special books at:

High River Library
Fri., April 17, 10am-2pm & 6-8 pm OR
Sat., April 18, 10am-2pm
We want to keep on giving to High River and this is your way to help!

Stories of the High River Flood is so grateful for the overwhelming support of our community.

You may have written a story or sent in a photo. You may have taken down and typed someone’s story, or worked at one of our booths selling books. You may have made a financial donation or purchased our book. You may have liked and shared our Facebook page and helped to spread the word… read more

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It is vital we remember the stories of perseverance, resiliency and hope.

Whether you were a homeowner, a business owner, a volunteer or a first responder, every one has their own story about how they were impacted by the 2013 flood, their fears, their heartbreak, their salvation, and hopefully, their healing.

These stories need to be protected and shared with future generations.

To ensure these harrowing first-hand experiences endure the Stories of the High River Flood have been collected and published in a comprehensive book outlining what transpired on the morning of June 20, 2013 and the heroics that followed.

Stories of the High River Flood will provide a lasting legacy and a learning tool for generations as it is a detailed historical account of one of Alberta’s most devastating natural disasters.

The collection of 237 stories and over 400 photos submitted by flood victims themselves provided the community with an important opportunity — an opportunity to heal a torn community.

A dedicated committee, some of whom lost their own homes, came together to collect and edit the stories and photos.

With printing costs covered through investments, donors and provincial grants, it has enabled all proceeds from the sale of Stories of the High River Flood  to be donated to help the community’s charities recover from the flood.